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» 12/20/20 NetLingo <3's "Translating modern dating slang with"
» 01/02/19 NetLingo in 9th min on YouTube memory lane LOL! “How to Find ANYTHING on the Internet"
» 11/28/18 NetLingo announces "Top 10 Internet Terms of 2018: Brain Hacking & NFSW and more" (PDF)
» 11/18/18 Business Insider "NSFW & Texting Terms: Two New Books for the Holidays"
» 11/16/18 - Get "NSFW” to Decode Flirtatious Slang for Sexty Singles (PDF)
» 11/15/18 NetLingo releases “NSFW: The Little Black Book of Acronyms” & “Texting Terms” (PDF)
» 09/20/18 NetLingo updates on Instagram
» 04/05/17 "7 NetLingo Terms Every Online Dater Needs to Know!" (PDF)
» 12/20/16 
NetLingo updates on Twitter
» 05/18/15 NetLingo updates on Facebook
» 09/08/14 The Library of Congress includes " as a permanent Web Culture resource"
» 03/16/14 Ultimate Spelling "Erin Jansen Reveals The Top 10 Trends of 2013"
» 02/05/14 CyberForward "Three Good Reasons Why You Should Like Acronyms"
» 01/03/14 Business Tech "The Top 10 Internet Trends in 2013"
» 10/14/13 Ultimate Spelling Bee: Learn 21st Century Language Skills
» 06/02/13 The Topic Trend: La lista más larga de acrónimos #Twitter vía @netlingo ¡Cuántos no conocíamos! ;)
» 05/18/13 Listen to Erin on CBC Radio "How Important is Spelling?" (PDF)
» 04/23/13 CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "Books about Language" (PDF)
» 02/18/13 Fox News Atlanta, Georgia "Texting Code Could Land Your Teen in Jail" (PDF)
» 04/02/12 Newsminer, Fairbanks Alaska "Clearly, I’m no “early adopter” of technology" (PDF)
» 03/01/12 ABC News Houston "What Are Your Kids Really Saying?" (PDF)
» 02/08/12 Fox News Tampa Bay "Deciphering Teens' Text Messages" (PDF)
» 01/08/12 Heritage Newspapers & "Online Safety: Technology Has Changed Our World" (PDF)
» 12/15/11 The Guardian "EU Cookie Laws Could Cause Unwary Firms to get their Fingers Burnt" (PDF)
» 12/01/11 "NetLingo makes List of Top Ten Searched Questions of 2011" (PDF)
» 11/11/11 "NetLingo Blog: Improve Your Internet IQ featured on Tumblr" (PDF)
» 10/10/11 "NetLingo Blog: Improve Your Internet IQ featured on the Tech channel" (PDF)
» 10/03/11 Independent Online SciTech of Cape Town, South Africa "KPC - Don't Be A Clueless Parent" (PDF)
» 09/02/11 Tri-County Times of Michigan "Texting Makes You Stupid" (PDF)
» 08/03/11 Computer "Business-to-employee applications, what's that then?" (PDF)
» 08/01/11 Teachers Log On to Mrs. Lind-Sherman "NetLingo Helps Us to Understand the 21st Century" (PDF)
» 07/27/11 The Niles Daily Star, Southwestern Michigan "Teach Kids the Dangers of Sexting" (PDF)
» 07/01/11 Teen Health FX Answers "NetLingo: Resource of the Month" (PDF)
» 06/18/11 Newsminer, Fairbanks Alaska "Acronym Abuse" (PDF)
» 05/31/11 The Wonder of Tech "LOL, OMG, BRB: Speaking the Language of Texts" (PDF)
» 05/21/11 KATV Channel 7, Arkansas "High-Tech Talking: Decoding your Kids' Language" (PDF)
» 04/22/11 Machine2Machine, Norwalk, CT "Meeting Focuses on Internet Safety" (PDF)
» 04/11/11 Verizon and Cybersafety Philly promote "Deciphering Digital Lingo" (PDF)
» 03/09/11 Canada Free Press "Online Attitudes Should Mirror Real Life Behaviour" (PDF)
» 03/01/11 Erin Jansen featured on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SiriusXM Satellite Radio
» 02/14/11 HubPages - "Popular Chat Speak" (PDF)
» 02/01/11 Chicago Tribune - "Sign Parents Up for Tweeting 101" (PDF)
» 01/26/11 Twitter - @netlingo appears on the homepage (PDF)
» 01/24/11 Messiah College, Pennsylvania - "Feel a little lost in all the technology talk?" (PDF)
» 12/07/10 News West Channel 9, Texas "Parents Prepare for Holiday Texting" (PDF)
» 10/15/10 Fox News "Fired... by Text Message?" (PDF)
» 10/04/10 "Speaker tells Northeastern parents: Stop cyber bullying before it starts" (PDF)
» 10/02/10 SchoolZone WebGuide, U.K. "NetLingo Highly Recommended Star-rated Website for Teachers" (PDF)
» 09/24/10 JG Advisory Services "NetLingo and Compliance Screening: LOL?" (PDF)
» 09/21/10 Good Morning America "How to Decode Slang Your Teen Uses Online" (PDF)
» 09/19/10 The Dothan Eagle "Juvenile Justice Programs Help Youth Avoid Traps" (PDF)
» 09/06/10 Best Webmaster Tools "Website Of The Month Award" (PDF)
» 08/18/10 SPIN Newsmagazine in British Columbia "Young Texters Urged to Think Before Sending" (PDF)
» 08/03/10 The Huffington Post "Txtspk 4eva" (PDF)
» 07/29/10 Erin Jansen's segment on the Martha Stewart Show re-airs "The Language of Texting" (PDF)
» 07/29/10 Watch Erin Jansen on the Martha Stewart Show here 
» 06/24/10 Beebe News "Ruby Translator: Innovative Software Program To Translate Text Messages" (PDF)
» 06/24/10 KSDK Channel 5 of St. Louis "Cell Phone Data Usage is On The Rise" (PDF)
» 05/13/10 The Economic Times of India "How to Talk the Tech Talk" (PDF)
» 04/16/10 Erin Jansen appears on the Martha Stewart Show "The Language of Texting" (PDF)
» 04/16/10 Watch Erin Jansen on the Martha Stewart Show here 
» 04/03/10 The Peterborough Examiner "Computer lingo frustrating? Here's some geek-free help!" (PDF)
» 04/02/10 "Free Workshop gives Parents the Tools, Understanding to Keep Kids Safe Online" (PDF)
» 03/14/10 Famous Why "NetLingo: Famouse Website of the Day Award" (PDF)
» 03/13/10 Victoria Times Columnist of "The Not So Brave New World of Bullies" (PDF)
» 02/24/10 The Journal Advocate "Cyberspace a Portal for Aggressive and Sexual Behavior" (PDF)
» 02/16/10 The Tucson Citizen "Is texting making us dumb??" (PDF)
» 02/02/10 Fox News "Know the Internet Lingo, Webcam Activity Your Kids Could be Hiding" (PDF)
» 02/02/10 Watch NetLingo featured in a story about Chat Roulette on Fox News here
» 02/07/10 The Boston Globe "SWTHDTM?" (PDF)
» 01/16/10 VOA News "Students’ Writing and the Web: Motivator or OMG?" (PDF)
» 01/16/10 Listen to the VOA News radio broadcast here 
» 12/08/09 AlwaysOn Venture Summit Silicon Valley "Erin Jansen recognized Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch" (PDF)
» 11/11/09 Design by Firgs "NetLingo: Hot Site of the Day" (PDF)
» 11/02/09 Daily Herald, Suburban Chicago "If You Don't Understand 'GNOC' Please Read This" (PDF)
» 10/29/09 Literacy News "Cell Phones: Text Messaging as a Second Language" (PDF)
» 10/24/09 Suburban Journals, St. Louis "Pokin Around: Tina Meier's New Path, Megan's Mom" (PDF)
» 10/21/09 MSN India "Parent Trap: Decoding Teen’s Secret Sex-Messages" (PDF)
» 10/13/09 Rosscommon Herald News "Text messaging world can be very confusing" (PDF)
» 09/20/09 The Star in Toronto regularly features "NetLingo Terms in The Week's Best Invented Words" (PDF)
» 09/02/09 San Jose Examiner "Texting 101: The new lingo and jargon for text messaging" (PDF)
» 08/24/09 Sunday Standard "Be Careful Abbreviating when Texting" (PDF)
» 08/07/09 Online Philipines "Netlingo Texting Abbreviations" (PDF)
» 08/06/09 Yahoo! Buzz: "Quick! Tell Us What KUTGW Means!" (PDF)
» 08/05/09 Wall Street Journal "Quick! Tell Us What KUTGW Means" (PDF)
» 07/26/09 Inside Bay Area: San Mateo County Times "Elementary: Networking sites not always OK for kids" (PDF)
» 07/23/09 "Resurrected: 7 Technologies That Won't Stay Dead - Sneakernet" (PDF)
» 06/25/09 Trinidad & Tobago's Newsd@y "Net Innovation Feeds Bad Content" (PDF)
» 06/25/09 WWL Radio New Orleans "Listen to Erin on the radio with Tommy Tucker and Monica Pierre" (PDF)
» 06/25/09 Listen to the broadcast (segment starts at 10 minute mark)
» 06/05/09 WTOP 103.5 FM in Washington "Parents: Do You Know What KPC Means?" (PDF)
» 06/05/09 Fox News DC "Netlingo Texting Codes for Parents" (PDF)
» 06/03/09 Fox News NY "Decoding Teen Text Talk" (PDF)
» 06/03/09 View the video by clicking on the link here: Fox News Segment
» 05/26/09 Fox News "Secret Sex-Message Codes Your Teen Is Using -- or Probably Not" (PDF)
» 05/25/09 Fox News NY "What Acronyms are Your Kids Using?" (PDF)
» 05/12/09 Income "Erin Jansen is one of Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs" (PDF)
» 03/16/09 Lawrence Journal "Write or wrong? Teachers wary of technology’s effects on writing skills" (PDF)
» 02/29/09 Channel 3000 "Web Users Reshape Language by Adopting Net Lingo, Parents Try To Adjust" (PDF)
» 02/10/09 Nashua Telegraph "Comcast pushes PSAs to warn of cyber bullying" (PDF)
» 02/10/09 89.3 KSBJ Radio "The Morning Show with Mike and Susan" (PDF)
» 02/10/09 Ozarks First "Today is Internet Safety Day" (PDF)
» 01/24/09 IntoMobile "NetLingo Word of the Day: E-Commerce Czar" (PDF)
» 12/12/08 Killer Start-Ups "NetLingo is a Very Good Source" (PDF)
» 12/02/08 NPR National Public Radio "NetLingo in Blog of the Nation" (PDF)
» 11/15/08 KSPR ABC News "Text Messaging" (PDF)
» 10/17/08 Baltimore Daily Record "Tech Talk: NetLingo can Translate Confusing Internet Terminology" (PDF)
» 10/12/08 HTLounge "Cultural Differences Regarding e-Smileys" (PDF)
» 10/09/08 PRWeb "Popular Youth Web Sites Expose Teens, Tweens to Violent Images" (PDF)
» 10/06/08 Adotas "Self-Serve Ad Exchange: This Century's Strowger Switch?" (PDF)
» 09/26/08 UPI United Press International "Media Pressures Teens to have Sex" (PDF)
» 09/26/08 Herald Net of Everett, WA "taK me 2 yr leader" (PDF)
» 09/24/08 Indiana University "Health and Wellness: Teens and Sex" (PDF)
» 09/22/08 Mobile Magazine "Japanese Smileys Don't Involve Turning Your Head" (PDF)
» 09/18/08 Australia's The Age "Broken English" (PDF)
» 09/05/08 "Don't Blame Texting Teens for Writing Woes" (PDF)
» 09/03/08 Inside Bay "Kid Tips: Teens Text-Messaging Too Much" (PDF)
» 08/29/08 Tampa Bay Online "Read AYOR (At Your Own Risk)" (PDF)
» 08/28/08 Oh My News of South Korea "'Netlage': A New Way to Communicate" (PDF)
» 08/05/08 The Republican Herald "Mystery of Spam Unraveled" (PDF)
» 07/24/08 Foster's Daily Democrat "Warning! Teen Chatting" (PDF)
» 07/20/08 NetLingo is included in the book "Mobile Internet for Dummies" (PDF)
» 07/18/08 The Seminole Voice "Know What They'll See" (PDF)
» 07/17/08 The Naperville Sun "On a Trip to the Internet, Be Sure to Bring Your Manners" (PDF)
» 07/08/08 The Republican Herald "Obscure Phrases May Make You LOL" (PDF)
» 07/03/08 Geeks On Call Host "Child Internet Safety Event" (PDF)
» 06/29/08 New Haven Register, CT "Text me if :) makes you LOL or pull out your hair - JK" (PDF)
» 06/28/08 Burlington, VT Free Press "Keeping Kids Safe Online" (PDF)
» 06/27/08 Accredited Degrees "50 Niche Search Engines That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier" (PDF)
» 06/26/08 Time Beacon of Long Island, NY "Cyberbullying Expert Joins Public School System" (PDF)
» 06/19/08 Daniel Island News "Kids, Cell Phones & Text Messaging" (PDF)
» 06/16/08 Dial-a-Phone "WTF - 10,000 License Plates Recalled in SMS Speak Furor" (PDF)
» 06/18/08 The Detroit Free Press "LOL: Texting Gives License Plate Letters New Meaning" (PDF)
» 05/21/08 Technorati features "Internet Word of the Day" Video (PDF)
» 05/18/08 The Wired Campus "OMG, Teens' Online Chatting Is Linguistically Sophisticated" (PDF)
» 05/12/08 EarthFirst "Eco Geek Says It's Time to Stop Sending Letters" (PDF)
» 05/08/08 The Kansas City Star "Real Men Know It's Swell To Cry" (PDF)
» 04/01/08 The Republican Herald "Web Has Language of its Own" (PDF)
» 03/31/08 PocketLint: Gadget News and Reviews "Website of the Day" (PDF)
» 03/30/08 Disney Family Parenting "Decoding Teen Lingo" (PDF)
» 03/12/08 KHQA TV News in Illinois "Dangers of Cyberbullying" (PDF)
» 03/12/08 Clanton Advertiser in Alabama "Attend Classes on Cyber Crime" (PDF)
» 03/09/08 The New York Times "Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK)" (PDF)
» 03/05/08 Monday Magazine's division of Black Press "Curious Times, FYI" (PDF)
» 02/27/08 The Times Herald-Record of Hudson Valley "School Will Revive Lost Art of Talking" (PDF)
» 02/20/08 The Oregonian and Oregon Live "Say What? Interpreting Online Lingo" (PDF)
» 02/15/08 Simcoe of Ontario, Canada "Keep Kids Safe When Surfing" (PDF)
» 02/13/08 WISC TV "Web Users Reshape Language By Adopting Net Lingo" (PDF)
» 01/30/08 4 Hoteliers "Excuse Me While I Check My Googleganger" (PDF)
» 01/13/08 USA Today "Up on Teen Text Lingo?" (PDF)
» 12/17/07 Channel 4 U.K. "Silver Surfers Confused About Internet Jargon" (PDF)
» 12/11/07 El Paso Times "Text talk from"
» 12/10/07 Seattle Post Intelligencer "Kids led the way, but texting's GR8 for all" (PDF)
» 12/09/07 The Denver Post "Keeping up: U spk txt?" (PDF)
» 11/19/07 The Richmond Times Dispatch "Stumped by teen slang? Turn to the Web for help!" (PDF)
» 10/09/07 WJLA TV in Washington D.C. "The 411 on Text Messaging" (PDF)
» 10/09/07 View the video by clicking o the link here: WJLA TV Washington D.C. News Segment
» 10/02/07 Australia's The Age "Has txt kild the ritn wd?" (PDF)
» 09/26/07 Arizona Republic "Texting Can Be Taxing - and Even Dangerous" (PDF)
» 09/25/07 "Parents: P911 equals Parent Alert" (PDF)
» 09/17/07 Delaware News Journal "It Began With A Smiley" (PDF)
» 09/08/07 Arlington Star Telegram "Text Message Assignment Pushes Parents' Buttons" (PDF)
» 09/06/07 Real Simple magazine "Simple Solutions for Computer Shorthand" (PDF)
» 09/04/07 NetLingo is featured in the book "What In The World Are Your Kids Doing Online?" (PDF)
» 09/02/07 The Toronto Star "This Week's Best Invented Words: jitterati" (PDF)
» 09/02/07 Top 100 ranks "NetLingo #40 in Top 100 Dictionary Web Sites" (PDF)
» 08/26/07 The Toronto Star "This Week's Best Invented Words: sheeple" (PDF)
» 08/24/07 Rocky Mountain News "R U A SNERT?" (PDF)
» 08/16/07 You Tube features "Internet Word of the Day" Video (PDF)
» 08/15/07 features "Internet Word of the Day" Video (PDF)
» 08/14/07 Viddler features "Internet Word of the Day" Video (PDF)
» 07/19/07 "Online Lingo Risks Putting Kids in Dangerous Situations" (PDF)
» 07/18/07 SX Australia "Upload Down Time" (PDF)
» 07/06/07 Lawrence Journal "Texting Shaping Today's Language" (PDF)
» 07/02/07 The Leesville Daily Leader "Do You Know Where Your Children are in Cyberspace?" (PDF)
» 06/31/07 Good Housekeeping magazine "Decoding Cyberslang" (PDF)
» 06/22/07 WSBTV Action 2 News in Atlanta "Out of Touch with Your Teens' Chat Lingo?" (PDF)
» 06/22/07 FOX 12 Oregon "Understand Your Teens' Text Lingo?"(PDF)
» 06/22/07 ABC Local 10 Florida "Do You Know Your Teen's Text Lingo?"(PDF)
» 06/22/07 NBC TV 10 "Ready To Understand Your Teens' Text Lingo?"(PDF)
» 06/19/07 The Clarion-Ledger "Putting Text in Context" (PDF)
» 06/15/07 Portales News-Tribune "The Text Generation" (PDF)
» 06/10/07 Globe Gazette "Text Messaging is E123" (PDF)
» 05/22/07 Real Business "The un4tUn8 Life of an Endangered SMS Mutant" (PDF)
» 05/21/07 "Text Talking: Teens Get the Message in Own Form of Shorthand" (PDF)
» 05/09/07 "What the Huh? Mac's Convenience Stores Run Offensive Ads" (PDF)
» 05/04/07 The Californian "Seminar Warns of MySpace Dangers" (PDF)
» 05/03/07 WebProNews "The Web's The Word, But Webster Won't Like It" (PDF)
» 05/01/07 Maine Sunday Telegram "Local Internet Advertising Delivers Precision Targeting" (PDF)
» 04/17/07 Web 2.0 Expo "Erin is interviewed LIVE via Webcast on the Convention Floor" (PDF)
» 04/13/07 San Francisco Chronicle "Wanna Hook Up" (PDF)
» 04/12/07 Business Week "Keeping Up with the Web's New Lingo" (PDF)
» 03/18/07 Cayman Islands "Last Word: The Not-So-Secret Internet Text Messaging Lingo" (PDF)
» 03/16/07 Portsmouth Herald Seacoastonline "Internet Safety" (PDF)
» 03/11/07 South Carolina's The State "Online: Put On a :-) Face" (PDF)
» 02/26/07 Fairbanks Daily News Miner "However You Type the Acronym, It's OK with Me" (PDF)
» 02/15/07 WDEF TN "Internet Lingo: Cracking the Code" (PDF)
» 02/05/07 Houston's ABC13 "Webspeak: The Secret Language of Teens" (PDF)
» 01/25/07 Good Morning America "Webspeak: The Secret Language of Teens" (PDF)
» 01/05/07 Florida's WINK TV "NTK: Need To Know Internet Language For Parents" (PDF)
» 01/15/07 Web Worker Daily "How to Annoy People with IM" (PDF)
» 01/05/07 Kansas City Star "Send IM when U get this" (PDF)
» 12/31/06 Orlando Sentinel "Do you speak Net? Website answers parents' SOS" (PDF)
» 12/31/06 Nashua Telegraph "Web site GPAC (Gives Parents A Clue) on Net lingo" (PDF)
» 12/21/06 of Ohio "Cyber speak apparently destined 2b" (PDF)
» 11/30/06 Knoxville WVLT TV "Forum Keeps Parents Aware of New Tech Trends" (PDF)
» 11/29/06 First Coast TV "Cracking the Code Behind Your Kids' Secret Online Language" (PDF)
» 11/26/06 North "You won't be LOL when someone TDTMs your kid" (PDF)
» 11/25/06 Watch the Fox News interview with Erin Jansen on the "Planet Mancow" show
» 11/08/06 Bradley News "New Language Leaves Us 404 - GL Trying to Break the Code (PDF)
» 11/03/06 "Child Safety and the Internet" by Gwen Nicodemus (PDF)
» 10/21/06 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "Have Kids Chat Less? LOL!" (PDF)
» 10/12/06 Fergus Falls Daily Journal "Parents Hear Dangers of Internet" (PDF)
» 09/28/06 Walker County Messenger "State Agency Offers Internet Safety Advice" (PDF)
» 09/26/06 Unicoi County TN Erwin Record "Tips on Teens' Use of Internet" (PDF)
» 08/09/06 Center for Missing and Exploited Children with Qwest "Internet Glossary" (PDF)
» 08/01/06 NBC World Now "Safe and Secure - Crack the Secrets of Cyber Code" (PDF)
» 07/19/06 Listen to Erin Jansen on the Radio Program "Montreal Today" (MP3)
» 07/18/06 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "P911: A Guide to Teens' Online Shorthand" (PDF)
» 07/17/06 Seattle Post Intelligencer "If You Want To Protect Your Kids, Get with the IM Lingo" (PDF)
» 07/11/06 Detroit News "Net-speak" (PDF)
» 07/10/06 Knoxville News Sentinel "Unravel A Teen's Web of Intrigue" (PDF)
» 07/08/06 The Globe and Mail "How to Unravel a Teen's Web of Intrigue" (PDF)
» 05/25/06 ABC4 TV News "Internet Chat Acronyms Designed to Keep Parents Clueless" (PDF)
» 05/25/06 View the video by clicking on the link here: ABC4 Salt Lake City TV News Segment
» 05/18/06 CNN Headline News interviews Erin Jansen on the Glenn Beck show (see news reviews)
» 05/18/06 ABC12 TV News " Explodes With Teens" (PDF)
» 05/17/06 Star-Gazette "Get Hip to IM Lingo" (PDF)
» 05/11/06 WCCO Minneapolis TV "Good Question: What Does Kids' Online Lingo Mean?" (PDF)
» 05/10/06 View the video by clicking on the link here: WCCO Minneapolis TV News Segment
» 05/10/06 KING 5 Seattle TV News "The Secret Online Code That Keeps Parents In The Dark" (PDF)
» 05/10/06 View the video by clicking on the link here: KING 5 TV News Segment
» 05/04/06 KLAS Las Vegas TV News "Online Lingo For Parents" (PDF)
» 05/03/06 Fox News Carolina "NetLingo" (PDF)
» 05/03/06 View the video by clicking on the link here: Fox News TV Segment
» 05/01/06 CBS Chicago "Online Lingo Aimed at Keeping Parents in the Dark" (PDF)
» 04/19/06 WGTV San Diego TV News "Cryptic Computer Jargon Keeps Parents Uninformed" (PDF)
» 04/17/06 Miami Herald "Surf On Over" (PDF)
» 04/12/06 CBS Television News "Online Language Keeps Parents Guessing" (PDF)
» 03/30/06 Boston Globe "Internet Harassment Can Be a Kid's Virtual Nightmare" (PDF)
» 03/07/06 "Technology Continues to Impact How We Talk to Our Teens" (PDF)
» 02/27/06 Elemental Communications UK "The Profile of NetLingo" (PDF)
» 02/18/06 NPR "Digital Culture: OMG, IM Slang Is Invading Everyday English" (PDF)
» 02/18/06 Listen to "Digital Culture" featuring NetLingo on "NPR National Public Radio" (MP3)
» 01/08/06 Portsmouth Herald "Professor Worries that Cell Phones are Dictating Our Lives" (PDF)
» 11/25/05 "Caught In the Net" (PDF)
» 10/01/05 Campus Technology "Do We Have to Talk the Talk" (PDF)
» 08/03/05 RedNova "Site Makes Sense of Latest Jargon" (PDF)
» 06/26/05 Microsoft "Resources to Decode Technical Jargon" (PDF)
» 06/23/05 Summit Daily News "Instant Messaging - The New Way to Chat" (PDF)
» 06/19/05 New York Times "William Safire's Column" (PDF)
» 06/17/05 "Brands are Created In the Mind" (PDF)
» 06/17/05 King County Journal "Yo, Grads, It's Time for an Inspirational Chat" (PDF)
» 06/04/05 Knoxville News "Faithful Blogger" (PDF)
» 05/25/05 WECT Wilmington "Online Lingo Translated" (PDF)
» 05/18/05 NBC News "Internet Site Can Solve Mysteries of Online Shorthand" (PDF)
» 05/17/05 Portsmouth Herald "Parents Know What Your Kids Are Talking About Online" (PDF)
» 05/12/05 WVLT TV Knoxville "A New Language" (PDF)
» 02/15/05 KC Star "Message Mayhen: Those Acronyms Mean Something to Teenagers" (PDF)
» 02/09/05 Poynter Online "The Online Language of Teens" (PDF)
» 11/16/04 NetLingo is first referenced in Wikipedia's definition of "Internet Slang" (PDF)
» 11/15/04 MSN Encarta "Does IM Make U Dum?" (PDF)
» 10/20/04 BBC interviews Erin Jansen for Television Special "The Pedant's Revolt" (see news reviews)
» 10/15/04 Rediff Guide "How To Spice Up Your Online Communication with Text Shorthand" (PDF)
» 01/08/04 Google Guide "NetLingo" (PDF)
» 01/04/04 USA Today "Learn the Lingo"
» 09/03/03 Ojai Valley News "NetLingo Internet Guide Aims to Demystify"
» 05/08/03 Philadelphia Inquirer "New Book and Site Offer Help Translating Computer Buzzwords"
» 01/12/03 NetLingo is ranked #676 in Google Top 1000 Web Sites (see news reviews)
» 10/02/02 Seattle PI "Hot Spot Sites You Love" (PDF)
» 08/18/02 TriValley Herald "Internet Users Breed A Strange New Language"
» 08/03/00 Canadian Associated Press "Joining the In-Crowd means Learning the Lingo"
» 06/28/00 New York Times "Geek Speak a Peek Into a Cruel World" (PDF)
» 06/28/00 MSNBC interviews Erin Jansen for "New Internet Terminology" (see news reviews)
» 06/27/00 NY Times "When Geeks Get Snide; Computer Slang Scoffs at Wetware"
» 09/02/99 The Grid "Interaction on the Internet"
» 08/23/99 CNN "E-nough Already" (PDF)
» 08/10/99 CNN Sci-Tech "E-everything?" (see news reviews)
» 09/15/97
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