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"Texting Terms - NetLingo's Guide to Every Online Acronym & Abbreviation You’ll Ever Need to Know" (book)  $19.95

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"The NetLingo Guide to acronyms is super!"
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Texting Terms: NetLingo's Guide to Every Online Acronym and Abbreviation You'll Ever Need to Know

NEW! Texting Terms - NetLingo's Guide to Them All :)
(136 pages, updated in 2018, not for anyone under 18!)

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"NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary" (book)   $19.95

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"Want to know the meaning of an acronym? This is the place to find out!"
- Fortune

NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary - for handy reference!
(528 pages, published 2002, still great for newbies ;-)

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NetLingo Kindle versions ($6.95 - $14.95)

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Based on popular demand, NetLingo is publishing Kindle versions of A Parent's Guide and The Largest List of Text & Chat Acronyms!

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