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Thank you for your interest in linking to NetLingo! is a highly ranked, specialized website since 1995, with high-quality content that has lasting value. We encourage reciprocal linking but remain focused on dictionary links. 1) If you would like to link to NetLingo, you may do so immediately, for free, with our thanks. 2) If you would like to have your link appear on NetLingo, please read the second section below.

1) You want to link to NetLingo? Here's how!

You can add a text link:
To add a text link, just copy and paste the following HTML code:
<a href=""></a> - The Internet Dictionary with thousands of terms about the Online World of Business, Technology, and Communication, it includes the Largest List of Text and Chat Acronyms :-)

And use the NetLingo logo:
To use the logo, all you do is copy and paste the following HTML code:
<a href="//"><img src="//" width="100" height="53" border="0" alt=" The Largest List of Text and Chat Acronyms"></a>

If you have another linking idea, let us know in an email - Largest List of Text & Chat Acronyms

2) You want your link to appear on NetLingo, here's what to do:

DICTIONARY LINKS: High-quality reciprocal links from within dictionary definitions (example)
If you are a high-quality, valuable online resource for many people, or an Internet company or organization with a dictionary definition in NetLingo, and you want to be linked from within a dictionary definition, please do the following:
Link to us first (information above), then send us an email with the URL of where the link appears on your site. Include in the email your link title, URL, and one sentence description of your site, along with the definition your link or download is appropriate for. We only link to high quality, popular resources with long-lasting value from within the dictionary.

If you are interested in a paid text campaign, please contact us.

We appreciate your inquiry and if appropriate, we look forward to hearing from you! Our link program is an effort to concentrate our value, and ultimately keep everyone's value high ;^)


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