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Top 5 Academic Help Sites

High-quality papers by professional writers help students improve their writing skills:

  1. Superprof India - - Learn from private teachers across India teaching at home or through webcam
  2. Supreme Dissertations - - In need of writing services? Here is everything you'll need to help you out
  3. WowGrade - - We work with writers who have Master's and PhD degrees and years of experience in the writing field
  4. Best Essay Education - - Unique papers by professional writers, absolutely no plagiarism here
  5. Studicus - - Professional academic help for you to succeed

Top 10 Filtering Software

Software that examines data to ensure only information within certain parameters can pass through:

  1. CyberSitter - - Internet filtering solution that protects children from objectionable content on the Internet
  2. CyberPatrol - - Filtering software for Windows PCs, it protects children online by filtering and blocking access to objectionable Internet sites that parents deem inappropriate
  3. Guardian Monitor 8 - - Records all IMs (sent and received); all emails that are opened (sent and received); all chats (both sent and received); captures peer-to-peer downloads
  4. ContentProtect - - ContentWatch provides software to protect from objectionable content on the Internet
  5. Security Software - - Cyber Sentinel and Predator Guard are programs that monitor, filter and block pornography, sexually explicit and predatory computer traffic in the internet, e-mail, instant messaging, chat, attachments and any Windows application
  6. Kids Net - - Software allows configurable access to hand selected child-safe internet sites. Restricts access to internet content, E-mail, chat rooms and instant messaging
  7. Enologic - - Software web filtering solution incorporating image analysis of accessed sites before delivery to the browser
  8. Anti-Porn - - Pornography filter software to protect children from inappropriate Web sites
  9. - - Filterguide rates software to protect users from objectionable content on the Internet including spam and popup ads
  10. CyberOptimizer - - A program that optimizes Internet connection parameters and blocks unwanted sites, includes ability to block adult or advertising sites

Top 20 Monitoring Software

Software that monitors and gathers information about a person's behavior:

  1. HootSuite - - HootSuite helps you do more than manage your social media
  2. Keyhole - - You can track keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames on social media accounts
  3. Pearl Software - - Creators of Cyber Snoop and Pearl Echo - software for monitoring children's and employees' Internet use
  4. Marshal Software - - Develops content management and security software that monitors and controls electronic data entering and leaving an organization
  5. PureSight - - PureSight is a password protected, easy to use program, that runs silently on the computer and controls all of the communication to and from the PC
  6. Spectorsoft - - Develops and supports eBlaster and Spector software for recording computer and Internet activities
  7. Akrontech - - Offers computer and Internet timer to limit access for users
  8. - - SurfPass is software for Internet access control, monitoring, URL blocking and filtering, time limitation and parental control
  9. - - Understand Internet usage from within your network. Increase productivity and reduce inappropriate web browsing
  10. Web Guard - - Dedicated to protecting copyrights and eradicating bandwidth bandits
  11. Computer Monitoring Software Reports - - Factual reports and consumer reviews on popular monitoring and filtering software
  12. WaveCrest - - Internet access management software can block, filter and report on employees' Internet activity
  13. Fast Tracker - - Offers internet monitoring and web filtering solutions for corporations looking to monitor employee Internet use; requires no software, or hardware, and provides real-time reporting
  14. ExploreAnywhere Software - - Developers of security and privacy solutions for monitoring your spouses and children
  15. Ingenuity - - Software that monitors and reports users activity on the internet and telephone, saving time, money, and increases productivity
  16. NetChatSpy - - Application that monitors MSN and Windows Messenger chat conversations from any computer on a LAN using packet sniffing techniques. Software targeted at parents and employee
  17. SpyGuard - - Detects and eliminates spy software and trojan horse software
  18. Secure-Kid - - Remote PC keystroke monitoring and evaluation service intended for concerned parents to monitor and check on their children's Internet usage for signs of grooming by sexual predators
  19. Sentry Parental Controls - - Feature rich software solutions to protect and monitor children from online predators and inappropriate content. Receive email reports, instant cell and email notifications, blocks pop up ads
  20. eZpZemail - - Parent controlled email account for children, providing remote access for checking that email remains free of inappropriate images and spam

Top 20 Parental Control Shareware

Software that enables people to control, restrict and monitor anyone who uses a computer or device:

  1. Net Nanny - - An old, dear friend of NetLingo :)
  2. Qustodio - - The easiest way to supervise your kids online
  3. We-Blocker - - Free internet filter with pre-blacklisted and user-specified websites blocking, and inappropriate keyword detection (preset and user defined).
  4. Security Software Systems - - Offers various software packages to filter, block, and monitor Internet and application use; for home, business, education, and government
  5. Brightfilter - - Protects against spyware, phishing, malware and inappropriate website content, annual fee
  6. File Sharing Sentinel - - Prevents installation and use of peer to peer file sharing software such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Bearshare, etc., free for personal use
  7. PC Tattletale - - Monitors internet activity, chat rooms, email, keystrokes, as well as acting as an internet filter
  8. SentryPC - - Allows parents to filter, monitor, and schedule computer, internet, and application use for all users of the computer
  9. ComputerTime - - Lets parents set limits on the amount of time and the time of day when their children can use the computer
  10. iNet Protector - - Restrict access to the Web and password protect Internet connection
  11. TimeWatcher - - Control children's computer access and how long they are using the computer
  12. Ez Internet Timer - - Allows time management and control of Internet activity on a family PC
  13. Media Detective - - Finds and removes pornographic media files from a PCs hard drive. Detects skin color in movies and images to help identify nudity
  14. Parental Key - - Controls access to a PC by blocking application and internet use. Requires the insertion of any standard USB storage device that has been configured by the software
  15. SmartBlock - - Filters incoming internet sites including pornographic, sexual, hate, violence, gambling, and other offensive content
  16. My Nabyoo Clean Zone - - Internet filter with chat and peer-to-peer blocking, activity logging, automatic screencaptures, password control
  17. Time Boss - - PC access management program with simple interface and multilanguage support; allows user to set time limits for PC use and to forbid the use of specified programs
  18. iMonitorPC - - Monitors application usage, website and chat activity, filters internet content and limits application usage
  19. Parental Control .org - - Various information and links to parental control reviews and articles
  20. CleanComputer - - Listing of software tools aimed at cleaning computer systems and preventing offensive material from getting in

Top 10 Security

Software installed on a computer system to protect it from unauthorized access:

  1. OnGuard Online - - Provides tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information
  2. - - Educational site intended to help consumers understand both the positive aspects of the Internet as well as how to manage a variety of safety and security issues that exist online
  3. Privacy Initiatives - - Government Site that is run by the Federal Trade Commission; information about how the government can help protect kids and the general public, with lots of information about official policies
  4. Wired Safety - - Offers advice about things that can go wrong online, including con artists, identity thieves, predators, stalkers, criminal hackers, fraud, cyber-romance gone wrong and privacy problems. Includes contact form
  5. Internet Security Guide - - Features articles on business and home user internet security including SSL certificates and network vulnerability scanning
  6. Open DNS - - Free openly distributed DNS servers that provide greater reliability and security for business and home users surfing the web; these DNS servers attempt to detect phishing scams that are often times linked to from within unsolicitated emails
  7. GRC Security Now - - Provides access to weekly podcasts and whitpapers on topics like Windows Vista, computer security, virus advisories, and other interesting hacking topics.
  8. - - Internet safety, protecting online privacy, virus prevention, web security and e-mail tips
  9. - - A free resource for those in need of Internet privacy, the aim of this site is to educate Internet users how to protect their privacy at little or no cost
  10. Computer Security information for the rest of us - - Computer Security information in plain language. Learn how to protect your computer from viruses, spyware and spam

Top 10 Encryption and Privacy

Software that protects information as it moves from one computer to another:

  1. Data Security by Unbreakable Encryption Meganet Corporation - - Offering data security solutions by unbreakable encryption
  2. Stealth Message - - Stealth Message offers a free online messaging system designed for communicating sensitive and confidential information; ensures your privacy, allowing you to communicate in complete confidence with friends and colleagues
  3. Stay Invisible - - Daily updated list of really functioning public proxy servers
  4. SurfSecret - - Software to surf anonymously by removing traces left behind (cache, history) on your computer from web surfing
  5. Software for Anonymous Surfing - - Advanced proxy agent operating a database with hundreds of public anonymous proxy servers from all over the world
  6. InternetPeace Software - - Software enabling browser cleaning (cookies, cache, and auto complete) and password encrypting files, favorites and a password wallet, also includes file shredding to military standards.
  7. CuteShield Track Eraser - - Protects privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of Internet and computer activities. Securely deletes all cookies, cache, history, and temp files
  8. Easy Eraser - - Cleans Internet Tracks, cookies, history, and cache
  9. - - This software is designed to permanently erase computer files, temporary Internet files, cookies, Internet history, and recently used files and documents
  10. A Free Privacy Policy Generator - - A privacy policy is essential for any small business website

Top 10 Keylogger Shareware

Software designed to record a user's keystrokes:

  1. SpectorSoft - Spector Pro - - See everything your children or employees do on the computer and Internet
  2. Boss Everyware - - Secretly logs program names, window titles, visited URLs, user names, and keystrokes
  3. Keyboard Spectator - - Multifunctional keyboard tracking software. Product specifications, screenshots, downloads, and purchasing information
  4. Winvestigator - - Records all the keys that are pressed on the computer, and can take screenshots as well. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads
  5. Keysnatch - - Application that hides and records all keyboard activities. It also captures screenshot related to that particular activity and stores it to a predefined location
  6. - - Runs in the background to capture, and save screen images while away from the computer
  7. Raytown Corporation LLC - - PC ACME keylogger and monitoring software that captures all users activity on the computer
  8. Spytech Spy Agent - - Award-winning computer spy software that allows you to monitor everything users do on your computer
  9. WebWatcher - - Remote Monitoring Software, Ranks WebWatcher #1 in 2013
  10. - - KeyBoard logger and remote controller used to capture what someone has typed on a PC keyboard


Top 50 Kids and Teen Resources

  1. Parents Guide to Internet Safety, Security and Screen Time - - How to talk to your kids about screen addiction, cyberbullying, safe messaging, self esteem, smartphones, tv, video games, cybercrime and more
  2. - - An interactive tutorial on Internet safety, includes activities, a virtual community, and games
  3. Champions Against Bullying - - A nonprofit organization committed to creating a society where every child has the opportunity to develop, learn and thrive in an environment without fear, violence and limitation. Designed for parents, educators, tweens, companies, and other organizations, it includes workshops and tools about bullying.
  4. - - Helps children have safe, constructive, educational and entertaining online experiences
  5. FBI Youth - - Offers Internet safety tips for teens in grades 6-12. Also allows you to follow a case through the FBI lab and explore a day in the life of an FBI special agent
  6. NetSmartz Kids - - An interactive way of teaching young people how to recognize dangers and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. Includes games, puzzles, quizzes, and free downloads
  7. ChatDanger - - Explains how to keep safe using chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles. Includes true stories, and advice on looking after yourself and your friends
  8. NSteens - - Uses comics and videos to explain how to use the internet safely and avoid cyber-bullies and predators
  9. Student Toolkit - - Offers resources on how to be responsible and stay safe online. Includes information on how to become a mentor
  10. iKeepSafe Kids - - Teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children with online stories, games and activities
  11. Netty's World - - Shows kids how to be safe and have fun on the Internet, with games, adventures, cartoons, and things to do with friends and family
  12. Stop Cyberbullying - - Cyberbullying information for kids, tweens and teens
  13. CoolTechZone - - In-depth guides to cybersecurity and online privacy & unbiased reviews of software for online protection. Learn how to protect yourself on the Internet.
  14. That's Not Cool - - Offers Teens resources to help them draw their own digital line when confronted with issues such as being pressured to send nude pics, over texting and partners breaking into their social network accounts
  15. - - Discusses recognition and prevention of intimidation by email, IM, web sites and other internet or high-technology media
  16. Kid Safety on the Internet - - Professor Pixel gives tips to kids on how to be net-safe
  17. Websafe Crackerz - - Interactive games and puzzles designed with the help of teenagers offer strategies for dealing with different situations online including spam, cyber-stalking and bullying
  18. TeensHealth - - Offers Internet safety tips for teens.
  19. CyberNetrix - - An interactive Internet safety program that teaches chat room and mobile phone dangers
  20. Wired Teens - - Online community for 13- to 18-year-olds offers online safety classes, forums, and a weekly column designed to promote a safe online experience
  21. Cyberbullying - - An interactive flash guide that describes bullying by text messaging, email, websites, and how to defend against it. Also includes a non-flash version
  22. Family Contract for Online Safety - - From, kids and their parents can read this and then print out a copy and sign it so the whole family knows how to be safe on the Internet
  23. Safety Land - - Help Captain Broadband fight the nasty character by learning about safety and security while surfing the Web
  24. Privacy Playground - - Teaches kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators by playing a fun game with the three cyberPigs
  25. Safe Cyberspace Surfing - - Offers Internet safety tips including information on how to keep your personal information private
  26. KidsCom Jr. - - Games and tips for Internet safety and good manners
  27. WiredKidz - - Online community for under 13's offers online safety classes, forums, and a weekly column designed to promote a safe online experience
  28. - - A service that provides safe email accounts for children and families
  29. Elmer The Safety Elephant - - Teaches Internet safety to kids in a fun rhyming safety poem
  30. Planet CRUSH - - Promotes internet safety, responsibility, and the development of healthy online communities
  31. SafeSurfer - - SafeSurfer is for kids aged 8-14. It offers a forum, Kid Blog, video game reviews, and computer news for kids. SafeSurfer encourages responsible and safe Internet use
  32. Online Guardians - - Provides free help, information and training to the public and to law enforcement agencies worldwide
  33. Netforce - - Informs children about the dangers of chatting on the Internet
  34. KidDotComs - - An online service that allows parents to create a "homepage" for their children with links to safe child-oriented websites
  35. Cybersmart Kids - - Designed to help children and whole families find out how to be cybersmart and use the Internet safely
  36. - - Has games, monitored chat rooms, a virtual world and pets, a creation center and other activities
  37. KidsChatters - - Variety of chat rooms for kids. Paid registration required
  38. CurvedSpace - - Includes games, multiple chats, forums, and jokes
  39. Be "Tween" talk - - Includes games, tournments, quizzes, and dynamic discussion for kids 9-12 years old
  40. Kidworld - - Community offering jokes, writing contests, games, stories, forums, keypals, and links
  41. BlackDog - - Features free on-line games, puzzles, mazes, screen savers, stories, postcards, and holiday fun
  42. Kidzworld - - Includes online games, game cheats, message boards, chat, contests, sports, fashion, music, reviews and entertainment news for kids and teens
  43. Kids Online - - Includes games, free web pages, free email, stories, computer educational activities, free downloads, internet safety topics, e-cards, a bulletin board, and a computer terms dictionary
  44. Kidtastic - - Free, safe Internet community for kids featuring games, art, music, learning, message boards, and homework help
  45. ElvenKids - - A website for kids and teenagers featuring live chat, message boards, games, online tools, and more
  46. - - Family site where kids go to express their feelings, includes message boards, club, games, advice, epals, and news
  47. Cybersafety - - An interactive guide to staying safe on the Internet
  48. Hand in Hand Parenting - - Nurturing the parent/child connection
  49. - - How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone
  50. Preply - - An international educational website, it gives the possibility to get local lessons through Skype

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