NetLingo Pocket Dictionary

The ultimate mini-browser, it displays ALL of NetLingo's terms in a small window you can keep on your desktop! You must enable pop-ups for the NetLingo Pocket Dictionary to work. In just a moment (once you enable pop-ups from a new, small NetLingo window should automatically launch on top of this screen (for desktop and laptop computers).

Here's how it works: Once it's done loading, you put your mouse on the Pocket Dictionary and scroll down or click on a word. The definition of that word will then appear in the main browser window.  This way, you have two browsers open and you can go back and forth between them. If you lose sight of the Pocket Dictionary it is most likely behind another window or screen on your desktop. If this happens, minimize your other screens until you see it again.

By keeping the Pocket Dictionary launched, you can still email or surf the Web or Facebook, tweet, Skype, etc., in your main browser window and when you come across a word or acronym you don't know, you can easily look it up on the NetLingo Pocket Dictionary.

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