NetLingo: Guidelines for Adding Terms

1. Add terms about the Internet industry.
This includes new terms in any of our categories: Acronyms, Business, Jargon, Marketing, Hardware, Software, Programming, Organizations, Technology and Technical Terms.  more >

2. Add terms about the online culture. NetLingo tracks ALL of the language used in the online world, including slang and leetspeak. And while grammar is still important, we write in layman's language, in an easy-to-understand style, using examples to help explain.  more >

3. It's okay to add words that include profanity but only if it's part of the term. This means if a cuss word is part of the original term, you should include it (but you don't have to spell it out if you don't want to, you can instead use f*** and sh**).  more >

4. Be as descriptive but concise as possible. The first paragraph of each definition appears in the various NetLingo Word of the Day emails and feeds so it's important to get your point across immediately.  more >

5. Do not add sexual terms unless they are descriptive of a sector in the industry, a specific technology, or an acronym or text message shorthand phrase.  more >

6. Do not add nonsense.  more >

7. Do not submit ads for websites.  more >

8. Go ahead and add it if it seems reasonable. more >

9. Add new terms within the proper format. more >

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