doorway page

A Web page that serves only as an entry point through which users click to go to the actual homepage. In the past, search engines would classify and retrieve Web sites based primarily on meta tags, but now each search engine has its own set of criteria that you must adhere to if you want your site listed near the top of the results.

For example, in addition to having "help, Internet terms, online jargon" in the header, has been advised to create a separate doorway domain for each search engine so that it complies with each engine's criteria. Therefore, if you want to target top listings in ten search engines for ten keywords, you'll need to create multiple doorway domain pages. The only time a user sees these pages is when they click on your link from a search engine's result page. This involves writing a paragraph of about one hundred words, with the keyword listed ten times in the paragraph and once in a headline. That way, you have a better chance of optimizing your site for each keyword and for each search engine. The process of creating, submitting, and checking up on your results is very detailed, so we recommend working with a search engine optimization consultant who specializes in this kind of work.

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