splash page

An introductory first page or front page that you see on some Web sites, it usually contains a click-through logo or message or a fancy Flash presentation with some kind of announcement. The main content and navigation of the site reside "behind" this page (on the homepage or welcome page).

Previously thought of as superfluous, the use of splash pages may see a big return for the following reason: it used to be that search engines would classify and retrieve Web sites based primarily on meta-tags, but now each search engine has it's own set of criteria if you want to try and get your site listed near the top. Simply inserting "help, Internet terms, online jargon" in the header doesn't cut it anymore. What WILL work is the use of a splash page or "doorway page" that complies with EACH search engine's criteria, therefore, if you want to target top listings in 10 search engines for 10 keywords, you'll need to create a few splash pages. The only time the user will see these pages is when they click on your link from the particular search engine. It has to do with writing a paragraph of text about 100-120 words with the keyword 8-10 times in the paragraph and a headline with the keyword. This way the pages are optimized for each keyword for each search engine. We recommend paying a search engine consultant to do it for you (see: SEO).

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NetLingo Classification: Online Jargon