also seen as Home -or- Home Page

The first page or front page of a Web site. It serves as the starting point for navigation, not be confused with a buffer page, doorway page, or splash page.

Why is it sometimes seen as one word and other times as two words? When referring to the Web site of an individual or a company, or to a Web site you want someone to visit, the one-word version is used. For example, "Have you seen my homepage?" or "We've got to get a homepage up, even if it just says 'under construction'." The two-word version is more applicable when talking about the front page of a larger Web site (consisting of many pages) or when referring to the front page from a site map or page of navigational directions. For example, "Welcome, this is our Home Page" or "From the Help Page, go back to the Home Page." You may also see it simply written as "Home."

One thing to take advantage of is the server space your ISP offers to account holders, where you can put up your own homepage. You will need an HTML editor, a graphics program, and an FTP program to get started. Sistergoldenhair.com is an example ;-)

Next-generation technology has evolved so that now individuals can have mini-homepages without needing to know how to code or upload the content. Often found on social networking sites, you can now have your own homepage and be part of a network of people.

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