a.k.a. coworking, micro work

Working in a shared workplace with other consultants, independent contractors or work-at-home / virtual / remote professionals, co-workers are usually not employed by the same organization.

Co-working offers an alternative to working at home or in cafes. In co-working, elancers, infopreneurs and other SOHO entrepreneurs share one big office space with perks that they might not get at home, such as conference rooms and espresso machines. It also provides opportunities for socializing, a solution to the isolation that many freelancers experience. Co-workers can either drop in or rent a dedicated area in spaces ranging from funky industrial lofts to sleeker sites with a more corporate ambiance.

Historical perspective: This term became increasingly widespread in 2018 due to a millennial trend, the need and desire for co-living and co-sharing, and the impact the industry and urban areas now have on personal lives and new business opportunities.

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