a.k.a. coliving, micro homes

Living in a shared space with other people who either may or may not be employed by the same organization. Co-living is a new way for people to live in cities, designed to provide convenience, quality, and a genuine sense of community.

Historical perspective: By October 2018 co-living became a mainstream trend. From tiny rooms and shared kitchens in big cities, to micro homes near start-up campuses, according to The Week, "If you’re looking for a 98-square-foot bedroom to rent for $1,800 a month, you’re in luck, said Christopher Mims in The Wall Street Journal. That tidy sum will get you a tiny “co-living” unit run by the startup Ollie in New York’s Long Island City neighborhood. Each unit has a fold-down bed, a kitchen shared with two other renters, and staff who’ll change your sheets and top up your toiletries once a week. There’s also a live-in “community manager,” like a residential adviser for a college dorm, who arranges social activities for the building’s mostly millennial renters, such as outings to organic farms. Ollie will even match up potential housemates with other “early career” professionals; everything is done for you, which is convenient.”

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