A direct link to an often visited site, saved in your browser for easy access. Bookmarks help you keep track of Web sites you frequently visit. They're considered by many to be the best thing about surfing the Web. By bookmarking a Web site while you visit it, you can easily return to it later with a simple mouse click, rather than having to remember or type a very long or sometimes cryptic URL.

The World Wide Web can be seen as a huge library of information, and finding your way around can be confusing at first. Bookmarks are one way of personalizing the Web experience by enabling you to quickly return to areas of the Web that interest you. Now you can organize your bookmarks easily with one of many bookmarking services. To bookmark any page in NetLingo, simply click on the "BOOKMARK" image in the upper right corner on every page and pick your service ;-) Or, to learn how to manually bookmark NetLingo, visit our Help & FAQ section.

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