NetLingo Help & FAQs

1. What is NetLingo?
2. What kind of terms are considered NetLingo?
3. Why should I use NetLingo?
4. How do I search, look up a word, or browse the dictionary?
5. How do I navigate the NetLingo Web site and what do the icons mean?
6. I don't see the word that I'm looking for, why isn't it here?
7. How do I add a word to NetLingo?
8. I'm experiencing technical problems, what could be the reason?
9. How Do I Bookmark NetLingo?
10. How Do I Make NetLingo My Homepage?
11. Can I use NetLingo offline or in printed version for a public presentation or report?
12. Can I advertise my Web site on NetLingo?
13. Who created NetLingo?

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