a.k.a. Web site -or- Internet site -or- search site

A place on the Internet or World Wide Web. It refers to a body of information as a whole, for a particular domain name. A Web site is a place made up of Web pages. These pages can contain graphics, text, audio, video and other dynamic and static materials. The word "site" can also refer to an FTP site or archive site, which is a directory on a computer somewhere (server) which has been set up to allow users to access by logging in and retrieving or uploading files to it.An area on the World Wide Web that is comprised of text, graphics, audio, video, interactive forms, and other dynamic or static elements. The word "site" refers to that body of information as a whole located at a particular domain name. It also refers to an FTP site (or an archive site) in which a directory on a server allows access so users can login and download or upload files.

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