I Seek You

Derived from the phrase "I Seek You" the software program ICQ is a user-friendly instant messaging client that that tells you when other users are online and lets you communicate with them IRT. It's considered one of the first IM clients.

ICQ is also a versatile app where you can chat, send messages, swap URLs, exchange files, play games, and hang out as fellow netizens surfing the Web. ICQ lets users communicate regardless of the application you choose, be it chat, voice, message board, data conferencing, file transfer, or Internet games, and it supports a variety of popular Internet applications. It also serves as a universal platform from which you can launch any P2P application.

Historical perspective: ICQ was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996. The name ICQ derives from the English . Ownership of ICQ passed from Mirabilis to AOL in 1998, and from AOL to Mail.Ru Group in 2010.

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