a.k.a. video chat, video calling, video conferencing

Communicating  visually with another person via computer or handheld device. The term "vidchat" came from video chat systems that evolved from typing text to incorporating two-way video, like FaceTime.

In addition to communicating with other people F2F via a video chat room on your computer or iPhone or webcam, etc., many vidchat apps allow you to do things like send files or record with your webcam. You can also send video to multiple people at once, share your documents or photos, and make phone calls to a mobile or landline.

Vidchat apps allow users to talk live, face-to-face, with other people. Known as real time chat, it can be fun for some but it also creates unintended consequences! Read my blog posting below about Chat Roulette and watch a Fox News video here).

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