a.k.a. vog, v-log (pronounced V-log), vidblog, movie blogs, vblogs, vidcasts, videocasts, vcasts

(pronounced like blog but with a v instead of a b)

Derived by combining Video and web LOG, a "vlog" is a blog that provides a video journal on a subject rather than just text entries. Basically it is blogging using video, and can best be thought of as an online video diary. "Vloggers" are video bloggers.

Also knows as "vidblogs" these streaming bits of media may be watched on the computer or downloaded to a portable device for later viewing. Like audio podcasts, vlogs may also be delivered on demand via RSS feeds.

Video blog entries may either be linked and downloaded on the viewer's machine, or, they may be embedded and watched on the viewer's Web browser. Videos are typically listed in chronological order just like a text blog. Video blogs may also be tagged ("keyworded") and archived.

Some of the more popular formats used by videobloggers include .mov (QuickTime), .wmv (Windows Media Player) and .torrent (BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing program). Other video or movie formats such as .rm (Real Media), .swf/.flv (Flash) and MPEG may also be used.

Mainstream print and broadcast media (newspapers, magazines, trade journals, radio, and TV) are rapidly losing their role as the privileged gatekeepers of news and entertainment. There is a small but growing number of vloggers (also called "voggers") who are turning the Internet into a medium in which people are communicating audiovisually with personal video posts, networking through the audiovisual, and creating programming and content not controlled by major broadcasting networks and cable outlets. One way to understand it is to view a vlog; check out the links below!

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