short for Tool-Kit 3, also seen as tk3

Software that enables people (even those with no technical experience) to assemble text, image, audio, and video files into sophisticated electronic documents.

It is an assembly tool for creating and viewing multimedia documents, similar to Acrobat, TK3 is available in an author version (which allows you to create e-books that use text, audio, and video) and a reader version (which allows you to view TK3 books). It provides user features, such as highlighters, sticky notes, hyperlinks to the Net, annotations, and the ability to search all text. TK3 documents can be distributed over the Internet or on fixed media like CD-ROMs, making it an extremely versatile tool. With TK3, you can make books, catalogs, electronic press kits, online documentation, academic papers and journals, multimedia art projects, and photo albums and distribute them through the Internet or on a CD-ROM, DVD, Zip Disk, thumb drive, or other data storage medium.

See also : WinZip  
NetLingo Classification: Net Software

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