the edge

The name given to the terminal nodes of networks, where data transactions are executed on cell phones and other wireless-enabled handheld devices. As computing moves away from desktop computers and toward "edge devices," such as the Blackberry, the Palm PDA, and WAP-enabled phones, it is making more use of distributed computing technologies, such as peer-to-peer networking. While P2P technology is not yet used commercially by applications on wireless devices, edge-software applications, which are basically software programs sold in downloadable modules on the fly (see: by the drink) are on the rise.

"The edge" also refers to the boundary between a local network and the backbone. In that sense, it describes a way of getting around Internet traffic jams. For example, moving digital libraries in a centralized server to caches at the margin (or "the edge of the network") will place the library content nearer to subscribers.

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