Precision Graphics Markup Language

A 2-D graphics language that provides precise control over layout, fonts, color, and printing, making the text, images, and graphics on Web pages more compelling. It was created by Adobe, IBM, Netscape, and Sun Microsystems to compete with Microsoft's ClearType technology.

Unlike the approach taken by ClearType, PGML uses 2-D vector graphics (which use computer algorithms to describe shapes and lines) as opposed to the popular raster graphics standards-GIF and JPG-both which use pixel-by-pixel definitions. Vector-based images are scalable and smaller in file size, a plus for online viewing and downloading. Adobe has joined an assortment of other vector-based graphics promoters in submitting PGML to the W3C as a possible new Web graphics standard. Other candidates include Microsoft's Vector Graphics Format (VML) and Macromedia Flash.

NetLingo Classification: Net Technology