iPad kids

a.k.a. generation alpha

The generation of kids who have had screens in their faces since birth and are defined and utterly subsumed by the digital world, it refers to American kids born since 2010 who only known a world dominated by handheld screens.

Historical perspective: By 2017, a study found 80 percent of children had access to a tablet. Stories abound, like a 2-year-old girl who, upon seeing a real butterfly outside her window, made finger movements to zoom in on it. This digital dependence, child development experts say, is not healthy. Using screens as pacifiers denies toddlers the opportunity to learn how to cope with boredom, frustration, and other difficult feelings. Excessive screen time also interferes with the development of eyesight, spatial awareness, and motor skills. iPad kids have become a different species, adept at navigating the digital world but seeming unable to manage impulse control. 
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