incognito mode

a.k.a. privacy mode, private browsing

A privacy feature in some web browsers that disables the browsing history and the web cache, allowing a user to browse the Web without storing local data.

Historical perspective: Chrome’s incognito mode isn’t nearly as private as you think, according to The Guardian in 2018. The Google browser’s private option, which prevents Chrome from saving your browsing activities, has offered users a sense of cover to peruse more odious corners of the web, believing their searches would vanish into the ether of the internet. Problem is, such surfing doesn’t really disappear. By Google’s own admission, incognito mode allows you to browse privately, in that others using your device can’t see your browsing history. But that’s not to say no one can see your searches. Your history remains visible to the websites you visit, your employer if you are at work, or your internet service provider. And if you’re logged into your Google account, all of your account history is archived, including the incognito searches.
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