helicopter parent

a.k.a. concierge parent

Parents who tend to hover over their children, it is characterized by baby boomer parents who have generation y children and hence a very different style of parenting than generation x'ers. It describes their behavior of constantly hovering over each decision and wanting to be part of their child's every activity, which can continue through college.

A "concierge parent" is a type of helicopter parent who just wants to make life smoother: From waking their kid up, to keeping track of their deadlines, to making sure they haven't forgotten anything, to having those tough conversations with the teacher to helping with the homework or even doing the homework for the child.

Historical perspective: Child-development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay coined the term “helicopter parent” in 1990 for parents who may be over-involved and always assessing risk thus preventing children from developing that skill.

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