a.k.a. electronic publishing -or- online publishing

To display, present, or post some type of written, auditory, or visual media on the World Wide Web, with the intent of making it available entirely or in part to all users or just certain users. This is "publishing without paper," and most newspapers and magazines now e-publish an electronic version of their publication on the Web. Access to these e-journals or e-zines is usually free if you register, or in some cases, there is a subscription price. A widely held thought is that any time you put up a Web page of your own, even if it is a simple homepage or vanity page, for personal reasons, you are actually publishing electronic content. Online publishing is easier and cheaper than traditional print publishing, and better yet, your content is available to almost anyone in the world for practically free. It took a little time for print publishers to understand the online arena, but now that they do, e-publishing is considered the future of that industry as well. The production, distribution, and sale of books via the Internet as print-on-demand (POD) paperbacks or downloadable files are especially promising.

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