a.k.a. biohack, bio-hack, intermittent fasting

What started as a nickname for dieting in Silicon Valley, evolved into a full blown lifestyle. Biohacking is the practice of changing the environment inside and outside you so that you gain full control of your biology to enhance your body, mind and life. It is managing one's own biology using a combination of medical, nutritional and electronic techniques.

Historical perspective: In 2018 people were wondering why techies aren’t eating. According to The Guardian, there’s a food craze in Silicon Valley which is basically not eating anything at all. Intermittent fasting has gained mainstream popularity, but technologists are taking the concept to its extremes, fasting for days on end as a way to lose weight, boost their mood, and, most importantly, improve their productivity. Most say they prefer the term “biohacking” to dieting. Phil Libin, the former CEO of Evernote, belongs to a WhatsApp group called Fast Club, where 20 other Silicon Valley CEOs and investors discuss their foodless experiences. Now the head of an artificial intelligence studio, Libin says he’s lost 90 pounds while shunning food for stretches of two to eight days. “There’s a mild euphoria. I’m in a much better mood, my focus is better, and there’s a constant supply of energy,” Libin says. “I just feel a lot healthier. It’s helping me be a better CEO.”

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