a.k.a. Batterygate
Batterygate is a controversy over Apple Inc.'s use of software upgrades to slow down Apple devices, in order to prolong their battery life.

Historical perspective: In early 2018, Apple apologized. According to, the company acknowledged that it used software updates to slow down older iPhones to help preserve the devices’ batteries. Ugh! This of course fueled conspiracy theories that the company was deliberately slowing older phones to prod customers to buy new ones. Apple conceded it should have been more transparent, and announced it was slashing the price of battery replacements from $79 to $29 and providing an iOS update in early 2018 to give users more visibility into the health of their battery.

This was extraordinary because it wasn’t about malfunctioning hardware or a software glitch; it was about a choice Apple consciously made. It also reveals that the company used batteries that are essentially substandard, and rather than adopt wholesale changes, it opted for a kludgey solution. When Samsung had problems with the exploding Galaxy Note 7, it pledged to overhaul its battery technology. But the company’s response to this crisis, contrasted with its clumsy, arrogant handling of antennagate in 2010, was better. One thing is clear, if your iPhone seems slow, buying a new one isn’t your only option.
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