access number

The telephone number you use to dial into your Internet Service Provider (ISP). To connect to the Internet, you must first establish an account with an ISP in your area. It is important to get a local access number because part of the beauty of the Internet is that you can surf Web sites, find information, and communicate with people all over the world for the cost of a local telephone call. Once you sign up with an ISP, you will receive a list of local or 1-800 telephone numbers you can use to connect to the Internet (see: dial-up connection). Take note: Sometimes, access numbers can be frustrating because of continuous busy signals or no answer at all. Be sure to ask your ISP to provide you with a few alternate access numbers in case this happens. FYI: You can call your ISP anytime and have them walk you through the process of setting up your computer for Internet access-that's what tech support is there for :^)

See also : dial-up account  
NetLingo Classification: Technical Terms