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People tell me all the time "it's tough to keep up with all of this new technology!" I tell them "You're not alone." It used to be that understanding the Internet was only for computer professionals and web design folks. Now you see technology permeating our lives everywhere and you realize that knowing internet technology and online communication is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. it's always changing, for example, Internet used to only be spelled with a capital I, now it's OK to spell it lowercase too. Only NetLingo.com tracks this kind of online jargon, and our purpose is to keep you up-to-date.

Research shows technology continues to proliferate... there's new software, new hardware, new technologies, new websites, new online services, and new lingo created literally every day. If you're a professional who feels like you're on information overload or a parent who wants to keep up with what your kids are talking about, NetLingo can help you.

Why does NetLingo exist? To provide easy-to-understand explanations of words, acronyms, and phrases that define our online business, internet technology, and digital communication trends, and historical references that give context on how tech keeps growing and the impacts on our social world. Other sites define words too but they're generally written by males in an arcane style, or just acronym lists, or open sourced (which means anybody can add content). NetLingo is unique because it is the oldest site that specializes in online terms (!), every word is written by me -- a woman -- as if I'm "explaining tech to my Mother." NetLingo also has one of the largest list of text and chat acronyms, and so many more features. It's designed to explain, entertain, and give you confidence in your knowledge of our online world.

NetLingo.com has thousands of definitions that explain the online world of business, technology, and communication. It helps students, teachers, parents, seniors, gamers, designers, techies, bloggers, journalists, public sector, and industry professionals worldwide. NetLingo has been one of the leading internet dictionaries since 1995 helping billions of people understand this new jargon.

Here are a few of the useful features that can help you learn about the online world and social media each day:

  1. Content is King
     is structured in an easy-to-read layout and filled with easy-to-understand definitions. All definitions are cross referenced and sorted by Category to give you the big picture while you go down the rabbit hole. We also encourage you to Submit Your Own Lingo.

  2. Word of the Day Emails
    Sign up to receive our Word of the Day emails. You can get a daily Online Jargon Term and the Acronym of the Day. It's another easy way to learn a little bit at a time... Subscribe here.

  3. Tips and Tools
    In addition to our popular Pocket Dictionary, NetLingo is loaded with Tips to help you easily learn and reference online information, from Top 50 Lists to File Extensions, we are here to help users stay up-to-date on progress, so you can make better use technology at work and home.

  4. Books & PDFs
    NetLingo publishes several books and information products including NSFW, TEXTING TERMS, A PARENT'S GUIDE, and of course the original book THE DICTIONARY. All of the NetLingo books are on Amazon.com! Here is Martha Stewart endorsing NetLingo :)

At NetLingo, my first commitment has always been to you, those of us who are online, fascianted with technology, and continually learning. I am dedicated to providing NetLingo users simple definitions, fun references, and helpful resources so you can benefit more from life online. I am passionate about technology, words, internet history and online culture. To ensure I live up to my commitment, I keep the content up-to-date and written in my signature style so everyone can learn and enjoy the most amazing invention of our time: the Internet.

If you have any questions regarding NetLingo, don't hesitate to contact me

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Erin Jansen
Founder, NetLingo.com

About NetLingo:
NetLingo.com is a definitive guide of internet culture. In business since 1995, we are a consumer-technology publishing company and provider of personalized internet information and educational tools. These tools teach new users and motivate tech-savvy people to learn, understand and grow in their knowledge and experience of life online. NetLingo has been featured on national radio and television programs including CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart Show, and NPR, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, and more.

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