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Technology is everywhere and the Internet changes everyday. New terms and technologies and online businesses are constantly created, how do you keep up? It’s information overload out there! You’re expected to keep up, both at work and for the kids, but it’s hard and it’s time consuming. That's where "Get With The Program" comes in. We track all of this stuff so you don’t have to. We make it easy to understand and quick to look up. Whether you're a professional who feels like you're on information overload or a parent who wants to keep up with what your kids are talking about, Get With The Program will help you!

Wanting kids to be safe online isn't enough. Even though they may be the tech experts, it still takes you the parent to teach them certain things--especially when cyber safety concerns and online privacy threats continue to increase while social networking and online communication activities continue to grow. And wanting to get respect with peers and promotions at work isn't enough. You have to keep up with technology and actually know this stuff in order to be tech savvy and excel at work.

As seen on TV and in newspapers and magazines, NetLingo is the leading Internet dictionary brought to you by a woman who explains things simply so everyone can understand. Get With The Program focuses exclusively on keeping you current with online topics that should matter to you. Get With The Program is a paid subscription service by NetLingo that helps parents and professionals stay up-to-date with what matters and decipher what the kids are texting and doing online.

Join now, here's what you get:

The Monthly Digest - Hard hitting facts about current events in the news, including new Internet terms and technologies, social networking trends, cyber safety announcements, and online privacy updates.

The Guides - A series of how-to articles with informative tips and in-depth explanations that cover the topics that matter. From cyberdating to upgrading, from online scams to email spam, each week you'll learn something important... and useful.

Top 50 Lists & Product Reviews - Reviews about cyber safety services, including monitoring software and tracking software, along with human-interest commentary about supervising children's online activities.

Ask the Expert - Email Erin your questions and get real help when you need it. From technical and business questions to the psychology behind technology, Erin also offers Personal Online Consulting.

Plus Password-protection - Access to premium content on available only to subscribers.

And Free Word of the Day emails - Sent to your inbox every day, choose from Acronym of the Day, Jargon, Business, Technical, or get all of them. It's an easy way to learn a little bit at a time.

Get With The Program: Educate. Entertain. Empower. Your Membership is only $1.99 a month (less than $24 a year!)