white label

a.k.a. business in a box

A white label item is a product or service that is packaged plainly, allowing you to repackage it with your own brand in order to re-sell it. Buying wholesale and selling retail is considered the backbone of business. Now the world of white label has moved to the Internet as an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Here are a few examples of different types of white label businesses that are popular online:

  • Web host reselling - you buy the web host space and re-sell it to others as if you are the provider.
  • E-books with reseller rights - you buy e-books and re-sell it to others.
  • Cafepress.com type sites - you apply your brand to various products and promote them, keeping the mark-up for yourself.
  • Getestore.com - you create a store and promote name-brand products, keeping the mark-up for yourself.
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