a.k.a. mini blog, mini weblog, linkblogs

(pronounced: side-blog)

A term used for a smaller blog that is usually placed in the sidebar of a blogger's main weblog. In essence, a sideblog is a blog within a blog. Sideblogs are used in a variety of ways, some of the most common uses are:

  • Sharing recommended links without annotations
  • Listing 'what's new' or 'what's hot' on one's site or blog
  • Creating wish lists or media lists
  • Writing short commentaries, notes or quotations
  • Guest or public blogging (i.e., allowing other people to blog on one's weblog)

There are several ways to incorporate a sideblog in your blog. If you have a Movable Type, TypePad, or powered weblog and you wish to create the sideblog yourself, you will need to know (1) how to manipulate the code in your blog template, and (2) how to use either PHP, SSI (Server Side Includes), ASP (Active Server Pages) or CF (Cold Fusion).

An easier way to create a sideblog is by signing up for a sideblog service. Click on the link below to do that, just make sure your weblog provider allows the inclusion of javascripts in your blog template.

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