virtual self

a.k.a. virtually

Another name for your online presence, as in your digital doppelganger.

Historical perspective: Making a will for your "virtual self" became increasingly important by 2018. In the not-so-olden days of a few years ago, relatives might have sifted through stacks of documents to sort out your affairs after you died,” said Chris Taylor in But now many of our financial accounts and personal details are paperless, floating around in the cloud. It’s for this reason that you should take the time to guarantee that your loved ones have access to your online accounts when you pass away. Do a full accounting of everywhere you might be digitally and document how to get access. This includes logins and passwords to your social media and other accounts; be sure to clarify whether you’d prefer they are deleted or retained “as a memorial state.” And consider appointing a digital estate management service to handle your digital properties, just as you would with your other worldly affairs.

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