monitoring software

a.k.a. tracking software, parental controls

Software that monitors and gathers information about a person's behavior, including personally identifiable and other sensitive information, through a computer program.

For example, parental controls refer to options included in digital television services, computer and video games, and computer software used to access the Internet, that allows a parent to monitor or limit what a child can see or do and/or time-limit these activities. These controls may allow for the blocking of television stations (using V-Chip technology), the removal of "gore" from computer games, the blocking of various websites (such as those containing online pornography), and the automatic censoring of swearing.

Employee monitoring software, on the other hand, refers to covert surveillance software designed and developed for companies to monitor their employee Internet activities. It "enables employers" to monitor employee screens, typed keystrokes, file transfer and downloads, FTP upload and download, and the opening and closing of files.

Monitoring software also refers to the use of cameras, including cams, and is used in smart road technology to create adaptive traffic signals, which adjust in real-time to better guide traffic flow.

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