micro app

a.k.a. microapp, micro-app
A mobile application that delivers highly targeted functionality, for example, a weather forecast app. On a desktop, "micro apps" refer to small system admin utilities, for example an app to report how full your hard drive is. Micro apps provide highly focused, task-based functionality that let users get in, interact, and get out with maximum efficiency.

HIstorical perspective: Micro apps grabbed news headlines in 2018 when Citrix bought Sapho, which connects legacy software with ‘micro apps’ for $200 million. According to Reddo Mobility, micro apps are distinguished from micro services in the sense that a micro app is typically a UI-level construct that draws from other application resources. Micro services, on the other hand, are a broader software architecture strategy where entire applications are composed of independent services that interact through standard APIs. Micro app development can benefit from an application infrastructure composed of micro services, however, the term ‘micro app’ is not specifically tied to the notion of micro services.
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