IPM campaign

In-Player Messaging campaign; a.k.a. screen ads

Just as we have online ad campaigns (using ad banners or text links) on our Web pages, and just as we have e-mail campaigns (using e-mail messages to advertise) in our inboxes, now we have what is known as "in-player messaging" (IPM) campaigns on our computers or mobile devices. An IPM campaign refers to the advertising that appears in the same screen (or window) when you are watching a streaming multimedia presentation or online video, or listening to an MP3.

For example, if you click on the first link below and click again to listen to one of the radio stations online, you will see a small window appear streaming the audio; within that window is advertising, or an in-player messaging campaign. Similarly, if you click on the second link below and click again to view one of the televised programs online, you will see an advertisement displayed either before the video or next to the video; that is an in-player messaging campaign.

This term also refers to advertising on portable devices, specifically on game players.

See also : online ad  podcasting  
NetLingo Classification: Online Marketing