Internet over Satellite

This technology allows a user to access the Internet via a satellite that orbits the earth. A satellite is placed at a static point above the earth's surface. From a fixed position (also referred to as GEOS), the statellite is able to maintain a reliable connection to the antennas on the earth. It orbits the earth at the exact speed of the earth's rotation. Because of the enormous distances signals must travel-from earth, up to the satellite and back down again-IoS is slightly slower than high-speed connections over copper or fiber-optic cables.

In remote regions of the world, Internet over Satellite is a viable option because installing the cable backbone necessary for Internet connectivity is not economically feasible or physically possible. This technology represents a big step toward building a "global village," and it's an example of how wireless technology can connect parts of the world that previously had little or no technology, let alone access.

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