information trafficker

A business person who makes a living by making money out of information. Information traffickers consider themselves infopreneurs because many of them utilize the power of the World Wide Web to create web sites and blogs as their storefront.

However unlike infopreneurs, who generally repackage content in a novel way to meet the needs of their audience, information traffickers also repackage information but are often associated with "get rich quick schemes" or they are "out to make a quick buck."

The information trafficker will attempt to attract traffic to his/her site by manipulating the site to appear higher on organic search results. This is done by creating a site that is robust in content, and configuring meta tag keywords and descriptions. In order to quickly create such sites, "info traffickers" will mash together information by incorporating RSS feeds from more popular sites, and then money from Google Adsense ads, affiliate links, referrals and leads, and/or selling e-books that are related to the search parameters and keywords. Essentially, these traffickers "piggy-back" on already established information (indeed there are many such splogs that copy articles verbatim from Wikipedia).

See also : infopreneur  intrapreneur  
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