HTML sequence

An HTML sequence refers to a non-breaking space. Generally pronounced in three common ways, the first being the proper and the later pronunciations being acceptable: 
1) non-breaking space (the token this sequence represents) 
2) 'and n b s p' - Many programmers will pronounce it this way from the use of the & (ampersand) symbol to represent the the logical AND in many programming languages. 
3) 'amp n b s p' - Also acceptable. Simply a shortening of the word ampersand in replace of "and" in the second pronunciation. 

In HTML and other computer based file formats, certain characters such as a tab or a space are considered "white space". HTML parsers ignore these and other white space characters because they are not considered valid HTML tokens. So when one wants to include a space in the HTML format, a non-breaking space must be inserted to alert the parser to output a space character.
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