dot-com shakeout

a.k.a. the bubble burst, dotpocalypse

It's "survival of the fittest" in the business world, and thousands of dot-com companies have failed in dot-com shakeouts. Considered a necessary part of any ecosystem, each shakeout rids the industry of bad business models, ineffective management, and overvaluation. So far, there have been three shakeouts: the first occurred in Silicon Alley during mid 1996; the second, the Nasdaq crash on April 14, 2000, was the worst ever and shook Silicon Valley to its core; the third shakeout lasted for about 4 years and was known as the "Internet backlash." Even though VC money still flowed regularly into the Internet industry, it took the Google IPO in 2004, and later Web 2.0, to get popular opinion thinking about investing in risky high-tech start-ups again.

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