contextually aware

Wireless applications of the future will know what you're doing, where you're doing it, and maybe even why. The idea is known as "conceptually aware" software and networks.

Wireless apps will be able to sense what information users need and when they need it based on who they are, the time of day, and what tasks they're working on. Then they'll deliver that information using push capabilities and alerts. For example, you'll be able to receive the information you need through e-mail messages and even voice.

It will work like this: When you get in your car, the network will know it, and it will know that it's 7:30am. Your network access will automatically switch from your computer to your phone to your car as you move through your day. It'll send you information that the freeway you're about to enter is backed up and provide an alternate route.

The key to contextually aware apps will be wireless sensors that collect and disseminate data. There will be sensors throughout your house and cities will be sensor-rich. Other examples we may see around the year 2015 are instruments that you wear to monitor a chronic health condition, or knowing whether a co-worker is available and whether he's giving a presentation in a conference room, talking on the phone, or even just moving among offices.

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