Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Data

It originally referred to the ABC-Disney deal, however this abbreviation ultimately changed to mean: [[artificial intelligence]], blockchain, cloud computing, and data technology.

It’s an abbreviation seen in blogs, newsgroups and social media postings.

Historical perspective: Chinese companies are using facial recognition and vocal recognition on pigs in an effort to combat swine disease, said The New York Times in early 2019. With African swine fever threatening to devastate the country’s 400 million–pig agricultural sector, tech firms such as Alibaba are helping China’s farmers compile a database of pig faces to better track their movements. They claim the technology can help farmers isolate disease carriers and serve as an alternative to the tagging of pigs’ ears that many farmers find cruel. Pig facial recognition works the same way as mapping human features, using scanners. The Chinese government has been endorsing tech on farms, recently promoting an ABCD of modern farming: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and data technology.

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