Commonly Used Casino Terms

If you've recently started going to either land-based or online casinos, then you've probably noticed that unusual phrases, terms and slang populate these establishments. It's like speaking an entirely different language, which is common whenever you undertake a new activity or sport. However, it can make gambling a little inaccessible for the uninitiated. Fortunately, it only takes time and familiarity to learn these phrases. But to help our readers along, we have compiled this list of commonly used casino slang terms with their accompanying definitions. For those who want to become an expert in the gambling idiolect, you should keep reading and find out more.


One of the most used phrases in gambling is the word action. This is mainly applied to games of blackjack and roulette or slot machines. It's used to announce when it's your turn to play. For example, the card dealer might say something like 'the action has come back to you'.


The term bankroll can be somewhat confusing for those who have recently undertaken gambling recreationally. This word is essentially used to describe the amount of money you have put aside specifically for gambling. For instance, when you enter a casino, your bankroll is how much cash you have reserved for the evening. This helps people to regulate themselves and ensure they are gambling responsibly. However, for professional gamblers, their bankroll is the total amount they spend on their 'job' each week or month.

Bet & Wager

The words bet and wager mean the same thing when gambling in casinos. They refer to the amount of money you stake on a game, whether this is a round of blackjack and roulette or a spin on the slot machine. Most of these games will also have betting limits/wagering limits. This means there is a cap on how much money you can stake. For instance, while some online slots will only accept a maximum of £50 per spin, others might go all the way to £300.


The stake is pretty much identical to the bet or wager. It's how much money you have placed on the outcome of a game. This term is literally everywhere when it comes to land-based and online casinos.

Wagering Requirements

This jargon is popularly used in online casinos, but many people are unclear on the definition. Wagering requirements are the strings attached to a casino bonus. After all, nothing comes for free. If there are 20x wagering requirements of the £10 bonus you were given, you need to bet the bonus amount 20 times before you can withdraw any real money winnings.


Most people gamble recreationally, but some might do it professionally or because they want to make a profit. However, if you do win money, then you never receive it directly from the dealer. Instead, you are rewarded with casino chips and must go to the cage. The cage is where you go to convert your chips into real money.


Everyone has heard someone shout out 'jackpot', but you might not be sure what the phrase means exactly. The jackpot is the maximum amount of money that you can possibly win in a game. It's most commonly used when players are on slot machines or playing poker.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is when the game's maximum win gradually increases the longer the game is played. They are typically only a feature of multiplayer casinos, though. If there are more stakes made, then more money can be contributed to the jackpot pool.

Multiplayer Casinos

This is self-explanatory. Multiplayer casinos are casinos that allow players to go against one another when gambling. They have become a modern feature of online casinos, especially when progressive jackpots and live table games are involved.


A payoff is one of the very most popular terms used in casinos. It refers to the money that a person receives after winning a game. Payout is another word for this. If you didn't already know what a payoff is, then you'd probably benefit from reading this article on casino terminology for newbies and building your knowledge up from there.

Payout Table

Payout tables are used to display all the payoffs that you can win for your bet in a game. However, slot machines use payout tables to show how much money a person can win from the various slot symbols in the game. So, this table might show that you can multiply your initial bet by 4x when you land three or more of the same symbols on the reels.


Payout tables on slot machines will usually talk about multipliers. Newcomers might find this term a little confusing, so let's explain. Multipliers are symbols in slot machines, which will increase your winnings. For instance, fruit machines could have a watermelon multiplier that means your payoff is 5x what you originally staked. High-value symbols will have a bigger 



Withdrawing is the coined term for converting your casino winnings into money. Unless you go through the withdrawal process, your winnings can't actually be used for real-life purchases. In land-based casinos, you withdraw cash by going to the cage with your casino chips. Meanwhile, online casinos have a more specific process for transferring your digital payoffs into tangible money.

Wilds & Scatters

Wild and scatter symbols are exclusive to slot machine games. The wild can be substituted for any other symbol in the game, aside from the scatter. This means you could create a winning combination. Meanwhile, the scatter symbol is the 'wild card' of slot machines. If you have enough scatters on your reels, you can unlock special bonuses or rewards – even when you haven't landed a winning combination.


Another word for a tip, a toke is something you give the card dealer after you've finished the game. This is done out of politeness, particularly when you have just had a winning streak or won the jackpot.

These are some of the most commonly used slang terms in casinos. We hope you have found this guide helpful.