Common Slang Words in the Casino Business

Professional gamblers and casino players would tell you that this is not just a game, it's a lifestyle. If you are one of those people, you know exactly what we are talking about. The casino life is one with high risks, lots of drinks, keeping an eye on body language and being your sharpest when you are at the table. You have to be quick or you are dead.

In recent years, a lot of this has shifted online with the proliferation of online casinos. There are so many options to gamble online like the popular new Jackpot Charm Casino that there may be a radical change in the casino lifestyle. But what may not change is the vocabulary and the slang that's used in the casino business. The use of these words will reveal that you are a seasoned casino player immediately. We've listed out a few of those words here. Let's see if you are aware of them. 

Beginner's Luck

This is something everyone, even a beginner, is aware of. Simply put Beginner's Luck refers to a surprise win or success that a newcomer with zero or no skills gets. With online casino's increased popularity, maybe you want to try out your beginner's luck. But remember that beginner's luck doesn't last so make the best of it while you can. 


The Cage is the casino's cash point where you get to exchange your coins or chips for money that you can take back home and splurge. 

Card Washing

Card washing refers to shuffling the cards properly before dealing with them. This process involves laying the cards face down on the table and then using one's hands to move them around randomly and then ending by shuffling them down. This is a common practice in the game of poker. 


This slang is probably one of the few which is restricted to real casinos and not virtual ones. AN eighty-six means evicting a player from the casino. You definitely don't want to hear that in your gambling career.


Some players like to play constantly and consistently make small gains or wins. This is called grinding. It's usually used in poker games but you can also use it in other games like blackjack or roulette if you are playing conservatively. 

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A whale is a person who puts big bets amounting to thousands of dollars. In a typical casino, a whale is given a lot of attention with the establishment rolling out the red carpet, limousines and the finest whiskeys for them like this article here describes. It's always interesting to watch a whale on the table because they have a lot of money to throw. 


Washing is an act of rubbing his or her hands that the dealer does just before leaving the table. This is done to show all the players that he or she is not taking any chips from the table and that there is no cheating involved. 


A lot of these slangs will be of use to you even if you are not a gambler. Try using these words in your everyday conversation to liven up things.