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NetLingo Helps Advertisers Reach a Technology-Minded Audience

  • Do you want to reach consumers who are motivated to buy technology products and services? 
  • Do you want to market and increase your brand awareness to online-minded people in the market for a digital lifestyle?
  • Do you want to reach students as well as seniors, and parents as well as professionals who spend time shopping online?

We Encourage You to become an Exclusive Sponsor
A sponsorship study in the Journal of Advertising Research, conducted by Bill Harvey, Stu Gray and Gerald Despain, determined exclusive sponsorship advertising works. "This study and 28 similar ones preceding it clearly demonstrate that "exclusive' sponsorship on the Internet produces a substantial lift in brand consideration and purchase intent. ... And we can now add to this equation that there a considerable and meaningful "gratitude effect' generated by sponsorship."

Benefits of a NetLingo Sponsorship

  • Expand your reach with young users (44% are 18-30; 18% are < 18)
  • Deliver your targeted product message in a trusted environment
  • Heighten brand awareness as a cutting-edge leader in your market
  • Affordable prominent placement on a popular Internet, Technology, and Computer-related Web site
  • Move qualified prospects to the next level in your marketing program by tailoring ad placement
  • Cost-effective way to meet key marketing objectives including customer retention

NetLingo Audience *

  • Web professionals - the site is geared for those who work in the Internet industry
  • Educational - it is a dictionary and these organizations are online more than 35 hours a week
  • New users - especially valuable for ISP companies to reduce the amount of new user questions
  • Consumer-oriented - 59% of our audience report HH income between $50-$90K per year
  • Women - the site and company are founded by a woman, NetLingo is networked within this niche
  • International - an important market on the Web, we have a large international user database
  • Desirable - request a copy of our Demographic Profile, our audience is educated and interested in computers
  • * See Media Kit for demographic breakdown

Advertising and Sponsorship Real Estate
All ad sizes conform to IAB standards:

Reach Millions with NetLingo
NetLingo offers several opportunities to communicate with individuals interested in Internet information and technology goods; these are consumers who will buy your brand. Our infomediary approach allows us to maintain our commitment to member privacy, editorial integrity, and scientific standards and to provide companies with great advertising opportunities.

Our mission at NetLingo, Inc, is to provide high-quality, educational Internet information accessible to the general consumer. We accomplish our mission through:

  •     Pioneering the industry since 1994 – the year the Web browser was first commercially released
  •     Tracking the trends with peer-reviewed Internet information based on culture, news and research
  •     Maintaining and ongoing relationship with our contributors and subscribers
  •     Contributing to a valid and understandable measurement of the current Internet landscape
  •     Providing easy access to up-to-date online products, resources, and services

NetLingo Publishing
The publishing segment is a key driver of the NetLingo brand and includes the website as well as books, ebooks, PDFs, articles, apps, interactive content, and workshops.

About the Website was launched in February 1995 and has been online ever since. Hailed two years in a row by PC Magazine as one of the "Top 100 Web Sites of the Year" and featured in Fortune Magazine, Reader's Digest, Yahoo! Internet Life, eBay Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and hundreds of others, NetLingo has been recognized for its success both as a content provider and as an educational resource and training tool.

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NetLingo has helped hundreds of companies reach their target audience and improve their marketing results, let us help you too!

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