(pronounced: wick-ee)

The ability to work collaboratively on a document, where everyone may add or edit text. A "wiki" is a type of Web site or tool for doing jointly authored writing using the Internet. The idea is that this kind of "open editing" allows for easy interaction between users and/or groups and is effective in collaborative authoring.

In the industry, "wiki" is said to be "the simplest online database that could possibly work." It is a server software and its main advantages are ease-of-use, global access, and low cost. Like blogging, it allows anyone the ability to publish their writing directly on the Web, however, this kind of free expression comes with a caveat: DBEYR.

The term wiki originates from the Hawaiian word for "fast" or "quick" and was coined in 1995 by Ward Cunningham. In March 2007, the word wiki became a newly recognized English word.

Historical perspective: In 2007, these were the Top 10 Wikis.

  1. DokuWiki
  2. TWiki
  3. MediaWiki
  4. PhpWiki
  5. bitweaver
  6. ErfurtWiki
  7. PmWiki
  8. MoinMoin
  9. DekiWiki
  10. TikiWiki
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