a.k.a. hybrid bandwidth

Unmetered describes content that's free of usage charges when you download. In other words, unmetered is Internet jargon for a server Internet connection in which no bandwidth overage charge is possible.

Historical perspective: "Our Hybrid Bandwidth product is a hit!" says Lynn, one of the three Co-Presidents, "And CalPOP.com is offering the best 'bang for the buck' on the Internet by providing the fastest combination of gigabit bandwidth providers for the least amount of money."

What's changed? Why all this fuss over hybrid? The bottom line is that just as the price of gas costs more, and therefore a car that gets more mileage can save lots of money, the same thing goes with Internet bandwidth. People are using more and more bandwidth because more and more people are getting "faster" connections like cable modems and DSL and more and more people are sharing more and more files like MP3s and - what are often called "rich" files - viewing or trading files that contain audio and video.

"The average server is using more and more bandwidth, which is another word for capacity of our fiber lines," says Evert Van Niekerk, Co-President, CalPOP.com, "this means that our clients are becoming more concerned about the possibility of excess bandwidth charges. To off-set the increase in bandwidth usage by some of our clients we have created our hybrid bandwidth product line which offers 10mbps "unmetered" bandwidth as a standard with all servers."

"Unmetered" is Internet jargon for a server Internet connection in which no bandwidth overage charge is possible. To do this CalPOP starts out each hybrid server with a 10mbps "unmetered" connection which can be expanded later.
10mbps, is the capacity- like the size of a pipe and in a given month, one could transfer as much as 3,300 gigs of traffic through this- a huge amount of bandwidth equivalent to nearly 7 T1 lines. The cost? A mere $88/month which includes 24 hours support, power, and colocation space.

How do they do it? CalPOP.com subscribes to gigabit connectivity from several of the best world wide fiber-optic networks (including Level3, Wiltel, and Cogent Communications). By mixing some of the fastest networks with some of the least expensive, CalPOP is able to provide a nice mixture of high quality and yet low cost bandwidth.

"Sales have been brisk, "Says Ross Thiers, the third Co-President, "We are selling several gigabits (each gigabit fiber optic line is equivalent to nearly 666 T1 lines) of Hybrid Bandwidth now and growing fast. Several VOIP companies (using Internet for phone calls), entertainment companies gearing up for IPTV (using Internet for television) and many online 3D gaming companies are now using our Hybrid Bandwidth successfully. In the past, bandwidth was just too expensive for many of these emerging technologies to take flight."

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