smart bra

a.k.a. wearable tech

Ever since the smart watch created a buzz, manufacturers have produced all kinds of “smart products” including the smart sock and smart clothes. There’s also “smart technology” such as the smart road, [[smart grid]], smart antenna, smart home, smart seats, [[smart card]], and of course, the smart phone.

Historical perspective: In early 2014, reported, if you're trying to decide whether he's 'the one' this high-tech bra might offer you an answer. A Japanese company has come up with a device called the 'True Love Tester,' a Bluetooth-enabled bra that can only be unhooked when sensors built into the bra detect true love. The sensors measure a woman's heart rate and detect the presence of a group of hormones called catecholamines, which the designers claim are only secreted when you're truly in love. The bra sends the data to a phone app, which calculates a True Love Rate; only if it's high enough can the bra be unlocked.

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