a.k.a. slivercast -or- nichecast -or- narrowcast -or- Internet television -or- Internet TV -or- webcast

The transmission of video programming to a niche audience, primarily through relatively inexpensive means like streaming video over high-speed Internet connections.

The notion behind slivercasting is that there are thousands of programs that would never make it into prime time but still have highly dedicated small audiences. It is assumed this kind of programming would not generate enough interest or revenue for traditional broadcast, however, slivercasting can be profitable because it enables highly targeted advertising aimed at specific demographics or interest groups.

A slivercast (or Internet TV channel) is broadcast only on the Internet, but it enables video to reach a large worldwide audience at a much lower initial cost than a satellite channel. Visionaries believe the next wave of media is to unleash the power of serving people's special interests, and slivercasts achieve this by enabling experts to broadcast their messages to their particular niche audience.

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