rollable screen

a.k.a. electronic paper, flexible screen, rollable TV, roll-away computer

A rollable screen is a flexible display that can be rolled up into a scroll. Rollable screens have many advantages over glass including better durability, lighter weight, thinner dimensions, and they can be perfectly curved and used in many devices.

Historical perspective: “Pretty soon setting up a TV will be as easy as unrolling a poster,” said Pete Pachal in Korean electronics manufacturer LG rolled out “a new kind of big-screen display” in 2014, which “is ultrathin and rolls up.” While flexible screens “have been around for years,” the LG Display expands on the concept by featuring two 18-inch LED panels, each with 1200 x 800 resolution. The screens are not only “relatively large, but each can be rolled up tightly to a radius of just over an inch without affecting the display.” When they hit the market, expected in 2017, these so-called rollable TVs “could have a tremendous impact on TV shipping and storage.”

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