responsive ad

a.k.a. responsive display ads, auto ad

One of many online ads, responsive ads are unique because they adjust their size and fit into any available space on a responsive design website. Because the ads adapt to the available space on the screen, the online advertising industry uses responsive ads in multiple-device campaigns such as mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

HTML5  is what allows responsive ads to work. Here are a few benefits of creating HTML5 ad banners:

  • HTML ads are easy to access and read on any devices
  • Text, video, images and JavaScript are all used within one ad, like on a website page
  • HTML5 responsive banner ads may be adjusted with any size
  • Banners can use dynamic server-side scripting and databases if necessary
  • Banner serving is similar to Web hosting

The new responsive ad format also features a short 25-character headline and a longer 90-character headline that will display when size allows. A 90-character description allows brands to control ad messaging. Counting all these fields, the new responsive display ads can include up to 205 characters of text and images, meaning they’re even larger than expanded text ads and more than twice as large as the old text ads appearing on the Google Display Network.

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